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2000-2022: The Women Only Rally (R)


07/05/2021 : NEW SATES 2022

Following the cancellation of the 2021 edition and the postpone to 2022, the dates the the 21st edition are fomr 14 to 19 May 2022.


04/17/2021: Press Release

We said we’ll meet in a year!

One year ago, we were forced, in front of the first wave of the pandemix, to postpone the 21st RALLYE DES PRINCESSES RICHARD MILLE for one year, from May 23 to June 3, 2021. This meeting that we were all waiting for, shone like a beacon of hope in the heart of a sea still agitated by the successive waves of a virus decidedly devastating, both for health and for the economy.

Twelve months have passed and … who could have predicted that nothing would have really changed? A third wave is hitting Western Europe hard. With its British, South African and Brazilian variants, the virus has become more volatile and therefore less controllable. Faced with a sudden increase in cases of infection and delays in the vaccination policy on the Old Continent, like others, the French government had to take the strictest measures. A radical return to confinement has been decreed in France for the whole month of April, with no real prospect of before the beginning of the summer.



In these conditions, faced with the impossibility of foreseeing the numerous foreign crews freedom of travel and the total lack of visibility in terms of organization, it appeared unavoidable to postpone once again the 21st edition of the RALLYE DES PRINCESSES RICHARD MILLE.

We said we would meet again in one year... But frankly, what would a rally look like with masked crews, distant evenings, lunches and dinners separated by a plexiglass, if the restaurants are open? This is not the spirit of the RALLYE DES PRINCESSES RICHARD MILLE.



You are more than 100 crews to have trusted us and that is why, six weeks before the big departure from Paris, we are forced to announce, in agreement with our partners, this new postponement to the end of May / beginning of June 2022. The exact dates will be specified later...

Your support, your trust and this solidarity have been a precious help to us. Despite the standby that has been imposed on us for a year, the entire organization team has never been so determined. We promise that this 21st edition of the RALLYE DES PRINCESSES RICHARD MILLE will be truly unforgettable! And we have no doubt that you would not miss this event for the world.

That is why we ask you to be patient once again. As a result of a global vaccination campaign, the vaccines will allow us to meet us freely and share this unique feminine event by crisscrossing the most beautiful roads of France.

So, if we simply said to each other, see you in a year.

The itinerary will remain as planned: westward ho ! with stops in  Le Touquet, Deauville, Dinard and La Baule.

Event Manager, Viviane Zaniroli notes:On behalf of the entire management team, we would like to offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this decision to postpone the event might cause. Please note that these circumstances are beyond our control. Naturally, we are available to answer any questions you may have. We wish the best of luck to you and your loved ones throughout this difficult time.”

Yours sincerely
Viviane & Patrick Zaniroli

May 29th, 2021 – Check-in:          Place Vendôme, Paris
May30th, 2021 – 1st leg:               Paris –  Ailly-Sur-Noye – Le Touquet
May 31st, 2021 – 2nd leg:               Le Touquet – Château de Varengeville – Deauville
June 1st, 2021– 3rd leg:                Deauville – Bagnoles-de-l’Orne – Dinard
June 2nd, 2021 – 4th leg:                Dinard – Château d’Apigné Rheu – La Baule
June 3rd, 2021 – 5th leg:                La Baule – Le Jardin des Acanthes Plescop – La Baule
Registrations remain open! See you at Place Vendôme on June!

Training days: Concerning the 2020 training days of 24 April (Paris) and 23rd May (Avignon) we will communicate the new 2021 dates ASAP.




The ultimate women’s motor sport get-away since 2000

Rated France’s and even Europe’s #1 100% women’s motor sport event, the RICHARD MILLE PRINCESSES’ RALLY is the must-do adventure for all free-spirited women who love both sophisticated luxury and friendly competition. Inspired by the legendary Paris-Saint Raphaël Women’s Race, updated for today’s clientele by Viviane Zaniroli and the whole ZCE team, year after year – and soon to be celebrating the big 20, this classic automobile event dedicated to beauty continues to garner increasing applauds.

Ahead of the curve in terms of women’s motorsports, this race has been combating stereotypes about women drivers for twenty years. Today, it enjoys a stellar reputation among participants ands partners, as witness the continued support of the watchmaking brand Richard Mille. Over the years, the rally has unceasingly reshaped and emancipated itself to become what it is today: an event at once sporting, convivial and… Participants at long last, no longer relegated to spectatorship, these drivers enjoy getting together each spring for their ‘ladies’ week’ of adventure.

From the start, our organisation has sought to maintain a balance between days of sporting excitement and agreeable evening pauses. We place a particular premium on comfort, as the performance involved in driving a vintage car for 350 kilometres per day on country roads is one that ought to be paired with a well-earned rest. The capacity of these women to express daring and fighting spirit alongside their joie de vivre commands both respect and admiration. My goal, and that of my team, is precisely to showcase all their many qualities.

Five magical days of driving across more than 1,600 kilometers, split into five totally unique legs, along the most delightful French country roads from Paris to the South since 20 years - After Biarritz in 2018, it is the turn of La Baule destination in 2020!  We have a lot scoured the small roads of the diagonal North-South and wish a little change starting for the first time to the West of France - The competitors will often see the sea between Le Touquet, Deauville, Dinard and La Baule: what are you waiting for to sign up! The Richard Mille Princesses’ Rally has become a absolute ‘must’ for women to escape the daily grind, once a year, with friends and/or family, in a rare and precious context. Without a GPS nor a map, relying only on the road book to guide them from point A to point B, in keeping with strict clockwork and mileage tracking, the teams are judged on their ability to maintain the set average speed (between 40km and 50 km/h, depending on the car’s age) and their ability to navigate with accuracy and at the right pace, along the most beautiful roads in  France.

The sporting aspects fill your days, from one Regularity Zone (RZ) to the next, with a heavenly luncheon to refuel on every level. The papmpering aspects fill your nights, in elegant hotels where you’re treated like a real Princess from the moment you pull into the secure car park each evening. Careful ladies, don’t tarry, the Richard Mille Princesses’ Rally is often sold out before you know it! 

At the end of the race, no participant is exactly as she was, nor entirely different, but all are princesses forever!

Date : From 14th to 19th May 2022

Program : 5 days (+1 more checks day Saturday May 14th, 2022)