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The 4th and final stage of the 63rd Rallye Neige & Glace has kept its promises. With no less than seven Regularity Tests to compete before reaching the final podium of the event, this final day of racing promised a final sprint panting and intense suspense until the end of the last 'timeline' of Rochejean, disputed on a a true toboggan run ... Throughout the day, the Belgians Yves Deflandre and Eddy Gully (Porsche 911 n ° 21) fought against the French youth: Romuald Sanseigne and Florian Fornasier (Fiat Cinquecento no. 87). Separated by 9 small seconds this morning, the two leading cars held out on each other throughout the day. Finally, it was the experience and ... the motor skills of the Porsche, which allowed Yves Deflandre to become, with 4 crowns, the recordman of victories on this Rallye Neige & Glace

In the classification reserved for the 4x4, authors of a frantic 'remontada', throughout the day, it is Joel and Corinne Sanseigne, the uncle and the aunt of the revelation of the test, who keep their wreath at the wheel of their impressive Lancia Delta 16S hit number 1 ...

The Jura all in snow ... Partially played in the Jura, the sunny morning of this last day will have offered some beautiful tracks of undergrowth perfectly snowy. Enough to feed the spectators present, but also the most agile pilots, launched in great ways. For others, on the other hand, the furrows and the wet snow were all factors of imminent disasters.

The Mini in special slalom ... Tucked between the snow furrows dug by the 4x4 with the much wider tracks, the small Mini Cooper S by Michel Azema and Laurent Legavre experienced a rather hectic Neige & Glace. "It's not easy to keep control of the car when you're constantly shaken from left to right," said the driver. "But it was a really extraordinary rally. We took full advantage of every day. The passage on the circuit of ice will leave me with a great memory, like the whole of the test, besides. We had already taken part in some winter rallies, such as the Monte Carlo and an event in Andorra. The sports aspect of this Neige & Glace makes us think of the Andorran meetup. This will be an excellent memory!"

Deflandre and the Indian sign. Starting first this morning for this final sprint, Yves Deflandre and Eddy Gully (Porsche 911 n ° 21) finished the day almost perfectly, avoiding the disappointments known on some editions of this Neige & Glace in nearly ten entries even taking 13 Points to their young French rivals Romuald Sanseigne and Florian Fornassier (Fiat Cinquecento n ° 87), victims of the lack of traction of their small car in the snowiest portions. Christophe and Anne Baillet (Porsche 911 n ° 33), passed in front Monday to finally complete the final podium of this 63rd edition ...

The PV544 and its first Runner Up ... Since the forfeit on Monday morning of the Porsche 356 PreA of multiple winners Closjans / Rorife (alternator), the battle was opened for the title of better 'vintage car'. In the lead, Jean-Pierre Ansiaux and Benjamin Javaux (Volvo Amazon # 32) dropped out on Tuesday morning when they entered Switzerland to hand over the reins to Serge Adriaens and Freddy Moors (Volvo PV544 No. 78). The Belgians, 8th in the finaloverall standings ahead of the magnificent Renault Dauphine Gordini n ° 83 of the Swiss Kellenberger / Liechti, Ansiaux / Javaux climbing the 3rd step of the final podium.

Sanseigne, crooks in clover! With a 35-point delay on the final day on the other Lancia Delta of Figuiere / Pirotte, Joel and Corinne Sanseigne knew they should roll up their sleeves to confirm their 2016 title in the 4x4 category. Despite a clutch failure at the end of the morning, the champions took advantage of a position further back on the road to achieve a spectacular comeback and renew a title that will make, for an additional year, all the pride of the region.




Patrick Zaniroli (Fra / Organizer): "This 2017 edition of Neige & Glace will be ranked among the ones to remember. A challenging weather and very changing conditions kept up the sporting suspense of the various categories until the final TR of the rally. After four days of racing and nearly 1,500 kilometers, the winners can be proud of what they have accomplished! Of course, the Belgians still dominate the event in History category, but with two French teams to complete the podium, the hegemony is no longer total and with the young Sanseigne / Fornassier, as well as Christophe and Anne Baillet, competition 'Sharpens a little more each year. Hat also to the leaders of the 4x4 who fought a close battle, Joël and Corinne Sanseigne finally achieving a spectacular comeback to confirm their victory last year. Congratulations to all and let’s meet in 2018! "

Yves Deflandre (Bel / Porsche 911 n ° 21): "I want to congratulate Romuald and Florian. They did not give us a moment to breathe. We knew that without a hitch, it had to be able to pass today. Until the last meter of TR in Rochejean, we were not quiet ... The car even slowed down in a big pile of snow and I had the impression that it was difficult to restart ... Fortunately, we were able to leave again no problem. This 4th victory will count enormously, as it will have been particularly difficult to win. Snow and Ice remain my favorite rally and I will be back next year to try and pass the five-pass! "

Romuald Sanseigne (Fra / Fiat Cinquecento n ° 87): "Since noon, Florian and I knew that it was over for the victory. It was necessary to fight for the 2nd place because the Baillet returned strongly on the end. Our little Fiat was really struggling in the deep snow. But this podium is already quite incredible! We never thought we could play with the leaders during the entire rally ... "

Joël Sanseigne (Fra / Lancia Delta 16S n ° 1): "For having opened the road for two days, I knew it was not really an advantage. On the other hand, this morning, with 35 points delay, it was almost mission impossible. At noon, Corinne and I understood that we were in the lead again and we had to be able to manage this advantage when the clutch dropped us. Luckily our support team was there to make traffic out of TR because otherwise I think we should have given up. This victory was necessary to snatch it with a new car that we did not really control at the beginning of the rally. We will be there in 2018, because things always go in threes? "


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