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Studded Tires

Most of the course is no longer on roads with 30 cm of powder, the choice of tires is free and Burzet tires remain allowed, the choice of tires remaining the responsibility of the crews. Only rule in force: 100 NAILS FOR TIRES IN 145.


1.3.13P : WHEELS and TYRES:

- Each vehicle engaged must be equipped with 2 studded tyres at minimum.

- Competitors must affix at the car back regulatory sticker indicating that they are equipped with studded tires (supplied by the organization)

- The number of studded wheels used is free

- NEW: diameter and width tires are free compared to the original model

- The number of studs per tire is permitted according to its width:

145 and below nails = 100/155 = 110 nails / nail 165 = 120/175 = 130 nails / 180 = 140 nails

185 and above = 150 nails


- Only tires that are road legal and bare the mention “DOT” or “E” on the side will be admitted.

Competition tires that have the “road illegal” mention on their sides are prohibited.


- Only studs with cylindrical heads are authorised

- Minimum distance between 2 studs: 3.5mm

- Maximum authorized protuberance on new tyres: 1.8mm

- The number of studs must be between 100 and 150 per tyre

- There must not be any studs in the central part of the tread

- Maximum length (prior to mounting on tyres): 20 mm


Studded Tires Seller

NOTE: We will be particularly vigilant with regard to the quality of the tyre equipment and the ground clearance.


We indicate below the studdable winter tires providers who are able to stud your tires at the request in accordance with our regulations.


Dominique BARRIAL - ZAC Briffaut Est - 26000 VALENCE - Tel: 04 75 442 443 -

Shipping abroad

Alain Pneu - Point S

B.P 6008
01106 OYONNAX Cedex
Tél : 04 74 73 51 88

Contact : Alain Zanella : 06 08 78 39 97 -

Tripy GPS

The Rallye Neige & Glace was a pionner by offering the Tripy system based on taking your time GPS, which can multiply the number of arrivals of regularity sector, which will be 30 to 40 by stage, making the rally even sportier.
Today the greatest as the Monte Carlo have adopted the same system. A control box will be placed in each vehicle during checks.

Download Tripy GPS instructions