Sport Licenses

Why take a Sport license ?

Our Rallies are organized under aegis of the French Federation of Motorsport (FFSA), which means for you to purchase a sport license to participate. Only rallies organized according to the Federal standards, guarantee organizational criteria, an insurance coverage conform to French legislation.

There are two types of sport licenses to participate to our rallies:

  • "Event" License : valid for only 1 Rally - Ths license is taken through a club, which is with us: the Automobile Association Auto Verte.
  • "International" License : if you are thinking about several rally during the year - to present at the checks

2022 FFSA Event License : € 60 (valid for Neige & Glace and Trophée des Alpes) this licencen will be done at the Checks by ASA AUTO VERTO

Delivered by the organisation during the checks of each Rally.

You must have a Medicial Certificate with you - Download model below