NEIGE & GLACE 2021: Last News - The 67th editon of the Neige & Glace Rally is canceled!

Information of January 22, 2021

Dear competing friends

Since March 2020 we have had to postpone all our organizations and here is a year 2021 which starts very badly!
We pushed the deadline as far as possible by trying all kinds of possibilities, but today we are forced to announce death in the soul what you all dreaded: the cancellation of the 67th edition of Neige & Glace Rally (Snow and Ice).

With confinement at 6:00 p.m., the impossibility of reopening restaurants, including those of the Hôtel du Lac in particular, the town halls no longer wishing to rent their ballroom, and the incessant government announcements which give no visibility over the weeks to come, it is not possible for us to organize a rally worthy of the name and in the spirit of conviviality which usually reigns there.

Today we received confirmation from the prefectural authorities of Doubs, that the course of the event will not be possible on the dates of February 14 to 17; being a winter event, where snow and ice must be the game, it would not make sense to postpone it to March or April, where we are not sure we can achieve it in peace.

Consequently, the 67th Snow and Ice Rally is canceled.

We look forward to seeing you on:

The  5th Trophée des Alpes from September 12 to 16, 2021 - In the footsteps of the Coupe des Alpes of yesteryear. This rally will start this year from one of the prettiest resorts in the Alps, so as to be immediately at the heart of the matter! On the program, 10 to 15 passes to go up and down each day and as many ZR that make it the most sporting regularity event of the year.

NB: Find the entry form to download on Trophée des Alpes 2021 (Alps Trophy).

The 67th Neige & Glace (Snow and Ice) Rally from February 13 to 16, 2022 - The unfinished rally! Everything is already ready: the course, the hotel, the road-book and the cups for the finish, all that's missing is you.

Thanking you for your understanding in the face of this cancellation imposed on us by the decisions of the government.

Best regards

Patrick and Viviane Zaniroli

Information of January 15, 2021

Dear competing friends

We have to admit that for rally enthusiasts that we are the year 2021 is off to a bad start.

Regarding Snow and Ice, the latest state decisions between containment, curfew and bans on opening restaurants until the end of January, do not allow us to take a final decision on the progress of the test. 

After a year of forced inactivity, please know that we are doing our best to ensure that this 67th edition takes place and that is why we are pushing the deadline a little further.

By the end of January, we will have all the cards in hands to give you our final decision.

Even if hope is minimal it is urgent to wait!

Thanking you for your understanding.

Best regards

Patrick Zaniroli

Information dated 12 January 2021

Dear friends Competitors,

Once again, Best Wishes to you all, but we have to admit that for rally enthusiasts that we are the year 2021 is off to a bad start.

Regarding Snow and Ice, the state's indecision between confinement, curfews and bans on opening restaurants, do not allow us to make a final decision on the course of the event.

After a year of forced inactivity, please know that we are doing our best to ensure that this 67th edition takes place and that is why we are extending the deadline to inform you.

We will send you an information note every Friday on the progress of the file and / or on the decision to cancel or not the event.

Thanking you for your understanding.

Best regards

Patrick Zaniroli

Release dated 6 January 2021

Dear Friends,

Since the beginning of November, the health situation in France and in most European countries, has continued to deteriorate and our governements keep announcing new restrictive measures every day targeting this or that sector, such or that region ...

Under these conditions, it is impossbile today to know what the situation will be on February 14th, ans whether or not we will have the authorization to organize the Neige et Glace (Snow and Ice).
Despite the circumstances, since 6 months we are on the bridge to concoct a beautiful rally 2021 and have worked for this mission. The event is ready and you are already 80 registered teams.

Despite everything and even if none of us wants it, we must imagine a possbile cancellation in the coming weeks.

So in case of cancellation due to non-reopening of restaurants or administrative decisions or any other reason related to Covid-19:

You will be able to benefit, as we have already indicated in our newsletter of December 4, sent by mailchimp,

- Either a reimbursement of your commitment or deposit with a of €200 covering a small part of the costs already incurred,
- Or a deferral of all the sums paid t one of our next 2021 or Neigei et Glace 2022 events.

Some of you have already settled everything, but many of you have a balance to pay us, so we suggest that you put this balance in stand-by until our final decision.

Currently we are forced to wait for government decisions before we can tell you our final decision. As soon as possible we will inform you if the rally take place and know that we will do our best to make it so, but unfortunately we are not in control.

Best regards to all

Patrick and Viviane Zaniroli



.... After  the  French  teams’  recent  rise  in  performance,  the  Belgians  (who  traditionally  dominated  this  discipline) are making a comeback! Among the 60 teams already enrolled, and who took advantage of the  early bird rates, many are from the north, which means we’re in for a tight race to the podium throughout  this 67th edition of the classic winter rally.   You can still take advantage of the all‐inclusive offer, or sign up for the basic enrollment without food and  lodging at the Hôtel du Lac in Malbuisson, which will serve once again as our headquarters thanks to its  convenience and hospitality, cozy accommodations and delicious meals served in strict accordance with  the health authorities’ protocols.  Although we are convinced  that  the 67th SNOW & ICE RALLY will benefit  from  the effects of  this most  recent  lockdown,  the  uncertain  times  have  made  life  for  organizers  like  us  quite  challenging  and  we  cannot guarantee anything 100%. Consequently, if we are forced to cancel/postpone the event, the sums  paid can be either credited toward a future date or reimbursed (less the €200 administrative costs).  Like you all, we do hope this event will be held as planned and look forward to seeing you soon for many  exciting snow‐kissed adventures together.  Until then, Take care, 

Patrick Zaniroli  

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16 November 2020

67th SNOW & ICE RALLY: Promising reconnaissance rounds!               

Preparations for the 67th Snow & Ice Rally are well underway and clipping along. The reconnaissance rounds were completed just before lockdown and lead us to believe that the 2021 edition will be absolutely exceptional. Join us in the Doubs & Jura region of France from February 14th to 17th. The starting line-up will gather at the fascinating Peugeot Adventure Museum in Sochaux. And it won’t be complete without you!

When we wrapped up last year’s edition, in Malbuisson, at the end of an exhilarating 66th edition, no one could have imagined what 2020 had in store for everyone. Nine months later, France and all of Europe has been struck by a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re all hoping the latest lockdown and imminent vaccine will deliver the outcomes so desperately needed.

Despite the challenging times, ZANIROLI CLASSIC EVENTS put all our best efforts into making sure the events scheduled for 2021 will take place under optimal conditions. The first of which is of course the 67th SNOW & ICE RALLY, slated for February 14 to 17 in the Doubs & Jura.

Our recent reconnaissance work promises a breathtaking edition in 2021. The quintessential winter road rally will commence at the illustrious Peugeot Adventure Museum in Sochaux. The first of three nights and three days during which our brave teams will slip and slide their way along the Franco-Swiss border. All of which will be plotted out across 1,000 kilometers of open roads and will include 40 Regularity Zones (RZ) speckled with 400 time checks along the way!

After the French teams’ recent rise in performance, the Belgians (who traditionally dominated this discipline) are making a comeback! Among the 60 teams already enrolled, and who took advantage of the early bird rates, many are from the north, which means we’re in for a tight race to the podium throughout this 67th edition of the classic winter rally.

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23 November 2020

A word from Patrick Zaniroli: Good sport, good friends, absolute authenticity …

Successfully held every year since 2009 in the Upper Doubs & Jura region, it’s with total confidence that we invite you to join us once again this winter for the Snow & Ice Rally. Often referred to as Little Siberia, France’s coldest region is the ideal venue for this arctic automotive adventure. Often cloaked in a blanket of snow, the roads around Malbuisson await the many competitors from all across Europe who to experience one of the most thrilling and highly regarded winter regularity rallies.

With their little forest roads, rarely used and often snow-covered, the wild landscapes and white deserts nestled deep within the French mountains make the Upper Doubs and Jura regions the ideal playground for those who love snow & ice and winter motor sports.

The teams will loop their way through the most breathtaking winter wonderland, as majestic as Finland this time of year! Averaging 300 kilometers per day, the teams will tackle about six regularity tests a day and enjoy lovely lunch break at one of the region’s many charming inns.

The Snow & Ice Rally invites you to enjoy more than 1,000 kilometers of pure pleasure, winding your way through country roads that are usually closed at this time of year but are specially opened for our rally, thanks to the kind cooperation of the towns through which we’ll be driving.

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