Course 2023

THE RACE: Less liaisons, more ZR!

Sunday February 12, 2023: Administratives and technical scrutineerings and Stage 1 of 175 km of which 72 km in 5 ZR (Regularity test)

Competitors Convocations at Sochaux by Hours (soon) - CONVOCATIONS WILL BE MAXIMUM AT 3 PM!

Following the technical and administrative check-in at the Peugeot Automobile Museum, instead of the traditional prologue, we will jump right into a 175 km night leg to Malbuisson.

For its 68th edition, the Rallye Neige & Glace will take off from the Peugeot Adventure Museum in its stronghold of Sochaux. A day of administrative and technical controls, which will finish by a dinner inside the museum, before the big start, in the early evening, by night flight, for the first four tests of regularity, renewing the great tradition of the most sporting winter rallies. Nearly 175 kilometers in the direction of Pontarlier and Malbuisson, the HQ of the race, reached early in the night by the crews starting this 2023 edition.




Administrative checks will be conducted on Sunday, February 12, 203 from 9am to 3pm at the Museum Peugeot Adventure at Sochaux (25).

Technical Scrutineering will take place in the Museum Peugeot Adventure on February 13, 2023 from 10am to 4pm.

From 4pm to 8pm, following the official check-in procedures, participating cars will be securely parked in the enclosed Parc Fermé before 5pm.

A briefing session will take place at the Museum Amphitheater on February 12, 2023 at 5pm and then every night at 7.30 pm at near the Parc Fermé at the Temps Libre room at Malbuisson.

Sunday February 12, 2023: Administrative and Technical scrutineerings

Briefing of Race Director at 5pm at the Museum Amphitheater

Dinner at the Museum restaurant at 6pm

Start for the 1st Leg at 7pm: Sochaux – Malbuisson – 160 km

Monday, February 13, 2023:  2nd Leg of the event: Doubs Loop  – 265Km

Tuesday, February 14, 2023:  3rd Leg of the event: Jura loop – – 310 Km

Wednesday, February 15, 2023:  4th Leg of the event: Lakes Loop –  252 Km


Monday February 13, 2023: Stage 2 - A loop of 265 Km accross the Doubs countryside of which 162 km in 10 ZR. "The Absinthe road!"

In the aftermath of the first nocturnal stage between Sochaux and Malbuisson, the crews of this 66th Neige & Glace Rally have returned to the north for a loop in the heart of the Doubs. A 300km loop that will take you through the charming little roads of the Doubs, along the Swiss border, along the Swiss border not far from the famous Chemin de l'Absinthe (the absinthe road). A 2nd stage rather copious with not less than thirteen ZR to swallow (Morning 5 - Afternoon 5). A well-deserved rest for lunch in Damprichard. Then a take down to Pontarlier in the afternoon, spiced up with a few regularity tests that competitors love!


Tuesday February 14, 2023: Stage 3 - A loop of 345 km accross the Jura of which 120 km in 11 ZR - " The Jurassienne"

After an initial challenge in the forest near Malbuisson, we’ll wind the way through the Jura and its magical landscapes, from one Regularity zone to the next, until we stop for lunch in  Arbent, near Oyonnax. The afternoon’s journey back to Malbuisson will feature a few new twists for a beautiful promising "bagarre". (Morning 6 ZR - Afternoon 5 ZR).


Wednesday February 15, 2023: Stage 4 - A loop of 24 2km of which 133 km in 12 ZR - "The Round of Malbuisson"

The traditional 242 km loop around Malbuisson will be steeped in Regularity Zones along the slippery forest trails where navigation will play a pivotal role. Lunch will take place at Labergement Ste Marie. The final ZR will be held on the famous slope of Rochejean, an absolute bobsled trail where anything goes and all the rankings could (and often do) change. (Morning 7 ZR - Afternoon 5 ZR).

Return on Malbuisson for the Final Podium and Prize giving, then Closing Dinner at the Hotel du Lac.