Created in 1953, the SNOW & ICE RALLY quickly became the place to be for winter motor sport fans from the world over! It’s where the automakers’ teams would get even with their competitors after the Monte-Carlo Rally, attracting a roster of the finest names in the business, including Gérard Larousse, Bob Neyret, Jean-Claude Andruet and Jean Vinatier. These super stars of the era came and made history, as well as incomparable moments in the lives of the day’s motor sport champions.

Having shifted into regularity gear about 15 years ago, the SNOW & ICE RALLY is now considered significantly more difficult than its Monte Carlo equivalent. Every year, the kings of winter motor sports come from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and the four corners of the world to test and prove their expertise on this event’s tricky trails.

.Patrick Zaniroli

Henri Pescarolo