Hiking Infos




Whithout timing, only the pleasure of driving and discover a terri- tory matter.

At your own rythm, you will enjoy a unique experience and drive on the alpine litte roads, while being in the athomosphere of the rally.

Choosing this formula is the insurance of a superb ride for your vintage, modern or GT car and great driving school for a future participation in the regularity class, if you want.



The organization give you a GPS Tripy, as in Regularity category, and of course the road-book.

Regarding the wiring of the Tripy GPS: It is preferable that hikers' cars be equipped with a direct line plus battery, like the competitors. Otherwise, it is essential that the vehicle is equipped with a cigarette lighter socket in perfect working order.


CHECKS on Sunday 11 September:

The checks are compulsory for all - as these are shorter than for the regularity checks, the hikers will be summoned in the afternoon of the 11th from 2:00 p.m.



Hikers do not need a license or a medical certificate.



Every morning the hikers will leave around 10:00 am, behind the last competitor in Regularity.

In order to enhance your hike, each day you will have a ZR - Regularity Zone - and your passage times will be recorded by our classification service using the Tripy GPS. This will not be an obligation, but will make your participation even more fun and allow you to familiarize yourself with this exercise.

You will need a stopwatch and you can now download the Rally Tripmeter application (the free version) on your phones; This application gives the mileage, perfect for following the road-book and not making mistakes, and your instantaneous speed, perfect for regularity!

APPLE by Apps Store : https://apps.apple.com/fr/app/rally-tripmeter/id1063654075