Regulations infos 2022

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The Trophée des Alpes 2021 received the FFSA organization permit number ........ from ..............., 2022



Trails zigzag in every direction, as far as the eye can see. Cliffs rise to 2,000 meters above sea level. And the connecting legs take you through the incomparable valleys. A route designed by Albert Rousset between the two world wars, the “Rallye des Alpes” paved the way for what was to become one of the most dif cult in the entire history of motor sports.

Updated and improved since 2017 with all the talent and experience of the Zaniroli Classic Events, the Alps Trophy promises to be the highest point on the season’s roster! With nearly 1,500 kilometers to cover in just four legs that include ten mountain passes to cross each and every day, there will certainly be sweat and tears. A tricky, unprecedented regularity challenge that will test the skills of drivers and co-pilots alike all along this route, which will be as amazing to ponder as it will be to navigate.

Sports monitoring and Ranking: rigor and precision

All the events that we organize are managed sportingly by the Tripy GPS system. More informations on: 

This allows us to follow you permanently from the race PC, to enhance the regularity tests of numerous timing points and to check that you respect the limits in the villages.

Thanks to JB Time Concept, our classification service, in addition, within ten minutes of leaving a TR you can read your results on your I-Phone, and each evening you will receive your departure times for the next day in the same way, apart from the display on the PC. 'step. Classifications:

Appendix Arrangement Tripy-R V00 


First registration date
Group 1 : from 1946 to 1961
Group 2 : from 1962 to 1965
Group 3 : from 1966 to 1971
Group 4 : from 1972 to 1976
Group 5 : from 1977 to 1981
Group 6 : from 1982 to 1995 [New]


Imposed Hourly Averages

Vehicles from 1946 to 1961: Medium Low
Vehicles from 1962 to 1971: Average Intermediate except for vehicles of 2000 cm3 and more which will be on average high
Vehicles from 1972 to 1995: Medium High except for vehicles less than 2000cm3, which may choose the intermediate average


The departures of regularity test will be given by commissioners but also in «Self Start »
New classification of the groups and classes : 1300cc, 1600cc, 2000cc, to allow each one to express himself.
Every day the first departure is at 8 am, in the order of the previous day’s ranking.
Every evening the arrival is done on a place in the center of the city stage where will be located the PC racing, the display of the rankings, the competing info, and the open bar.
Hotels in the 4 stage cities are at your charge.
At noon, a 1 hour break will be centralized in a village. Organizer provides the 4 lunches In the evening, dinner is up to you
Assistance is independent outside the Regularity Tests and is not taken into account by the organization. A cartographic assistance book will be offered for 100 €.



Whithout timing, only the pleasure of driving and discover a terri- tory matter.

At your own rythm, you will enjoy a unique experience and drive on the alpine litte roads, while being in the athomosphere of the rally.

Choosing this formula is the insurance of a superb ride for your vintage, modern or GT car and great driving school for a future participation in the regularity class, if you want.

Note that the organization give you a GPS Tripy and of course the road-book.