Partners TDA 2021

- LE GRAND BORNAND :  Partner resort of the Trophée des Alpes 2021

AUTHENTIC: Here, the traditions are alive and share up to the top of the pastures...

With more than 400 chalets, mostly bicentennial, Le Grand-Bornand is the French resort which has saved the greatest number of witnesses of this traditional habitat. The oldest still houses the same family since 1664, proof of the attachment of Bornandins to this patrimony as precious as discreet, inviting to live the experience of Le Grand-Bornand in what it has the most subtle: timelessness, sweetness and beauty.

The cradle of the farmer reblochon, whose tradition dates back to the 13th century, in the pastures of the Col des Annes, Le Grand-Bornand is distinguished by its gastronomic tradition mixing solid local dishes such as the péla - the "real" tartiflette - the Savoyard farcement or potato fritters ... and ancestral recipes like the bescoin, a bun with anise and saffron blessed and shared during the patronal feast of August 15th. As many delicacies to savor in the shops and restaurants of the resort ...

The first agricultural village of Haute-Savoie, Le Grand-Bornand has nearly forty farms still in operation... and nearly 2000 cows! In the heart of the PDO production area of the farmhouse reblochon, the famous round cheese is discovered according to the visits of farms proposed by the Tourist Office, and on the stalls of the last reblochon market of the region - an institution dating from 1795 - Wednesday mornings.

Village of (strong) character, all the identity of Le Grand-Bornand is revealed at the discretion of traditional festivals punctuating the year, winter and summer. Winter torches and other Christmas festivities follow the spectacular climbs - and descent - of pastures and other country festivals announcing the meeting, privileged, between locals and passing ... more or less extended!

On the fringes of the famous chalets that compose the postcard bornandine, the "pearl" resort of the Aravis reveals its heritage to lovers of old stones - and mysteries - along the paths and alleys lined with chapels, engraved stones, small stone bridge, fountain miraculous and other way of the cross. A visit to the "House of Heritage" is, in this respect, a beautiful entry in this area ...

Village living year-round, Le Grand-Bornand is distinguished by its tradition of welcoming, embodied, by hosts, traders and craftsmen who pours heart into their work according to the seasons ... and often even over several generations ! Here, the exchanges are easy, and the know-how and other small secrets are shared at the corner of a table, in the simplicity and the good communicative mood of the people from above.