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TransMaroc 2024: The 16th TransMaroc will run from Friday 1st till Friday 8th November 2024! Marrakech - Marrakech!

Pre-list Competitors TransMaroc 2024 dated 4/06/2024

Entry form TransMaroc 2024


2023 Stages: Te 15th TransMaroc takes place from November 6 till 12 - with the start from Marrakech, then Bin-El-Ouidane - Midelt - Merzouga – Merzouga - Boulmane and finish at Aït Benadou- then return on Marrakech.

02/11/2023 - List of Competitors 15th TransMaroc 


List of Competitors TransMaroc 2022

15th TRANSMAROC is postponed in Autumn : from 6 to 12 November, 2023! Discover the Morocco with Patrick Zaniroli!

A precursor in the practice of Regularity in Rally Raid, Patrick Zaniroli, creator and organiser from 2005 to 2008 of the TransAfricaine Classic, reserved for old cars and buggies having raced in the Dakars of the 80's and other rally-raids of yesteryear, launched at the same time, the Transmaroc, which immediately became the ideal school for those wishing to enter the Dakar. It has become even more so today for those who plan to enter the DAKAR CLASSIC.

Thus, each year, we have several crews come to learn navigation and regularity on tracks and dunes.

New: the ZRs will all take place on tracks, the dunes being reserved only for liaison, without the constraint of the stopwatch and all for the pleasure of savouring the majesty of the place. As a result, the Experts and the Beginners will be able to be united in a common general classification, while each defending their own category.
A forerunner in the practice of Regularity in Rally Raid, the Transmaroc is the ideal school for those who plan to enter the Dakar Classic.


Message of Patrick Zaniroli, winner of Dakar 1985, Sportive Director of Dakar from 1994 till 2005!

Dear Friends,

I invite you to join me on this magnificent Regularity Rally Raid and to discover the thousand and one facets of Morocco at the wheel of your own 4x4 or an equipped rental 4x4. Offered in two catégories Regularity or Hikin, they are 6 days of discovery raid, open to all, whatever your experience, novice or seasoned. Thanks to my extreme knowledge of Morocco, you will be able to take the most beautiful tracks, which I traced during my twelve years of sport direction of the Dakar, and play in the ergs in full safety. Morocco is like a second garden! And to make your adventure even more exceptional, a theoretical course in navigation and orientation will be offered on the Saturday of your arrival and the practice will start the next morning. When you arrive at the dunes, we will help the novices by giving them our best advice on how to cross them, while coaching them to get there.

The TransMorocco is both a raid in the form of initiation size, for some, or a rally on a short format for others. To all lovers of Africa that gigantism no longer seduces, we propose a hike on a human scale in one week in Morocco.  To all, more and more numerous, looking for something else, it offers the opportunity to realize their dream.The Trans Morocco is a school of Rally Raid at the rate of regularity, from stony tracks to sand dunes, where discovery and friendliness are the rule.

With my best regards,

Patrick Zaniroli

Dakar 1985 Winner overall with Mitsubishi and Sportive Director from 1994 till 2005.


Open the door to the desert!


Do the great African rallies make your pulse race? Does the thought of absolute escape give your heart wings? On your own, with family or friends, the TransMaroc gives you the perfect chance to learn the ins and outs of desert driving at your own pace. This eight- day getaway is the smartest way to hit the dunes for hard core completion or just for fun. By the end of this week-long 100% regularity event, maneuvering a 4WD vehicle around, over, along and through sandy trails and drifts alike will be a piece of cake!

Who can say they’ve never dreamed of the ultimate adventure? But driving through the desert is very tricky so a little training is a must. Winner of the Paris-Dakar in 1985 and organizer of this legendary event from 1993 to 2005, Patrick Zaniroli is the ideal coach! At the wheel of your own 4WD vehicle or a model you can rent on-site, discover the magic of Morocco’s most breathtaking landscapes, with your family or friends. Between the captivating Marrakech and the mysterious Ourzazate, glistening beaches and shimmering dunes, ergs of Merzouga and Chegagga, winding trails through the Draa and Dades river valleys, you’ll learn all the techniques for navigating a 4x4 on gorgeous, diverse terrains. The TransMaroc and the expert management of Patrick Zaniroli and the whole ZCE team, offers you a unique opportunity to experience a genuine African adventure in absolute safety and at the reasonable pace of regularity. After six days of exploring exotic wonders, discovering expert driving techniques, sleeping in exquisite hotels or under the starry skies, with your TransMaroc certi cation in hand, you’ll be lled with con dence and ready to tackle any desert driving challenge your heart may desire. 

Morocco, te country of a thousand faces!