The necessary instruments


The devices necessary for the co-pilot: In our events we authorize all the devices, other tests do not authorize any except a stopwatch and tables.


You can install all kinds of Tripmaster ranging from $ 250 to $ 2000, but when you start it's best to take it simple.

To start, we recommend the Terratrip Classic 202 V4 and its wheel sensor (especially no GPS sensor imperative !!)

As required by the regulations in historic rallying, this model does not indicate the speed



- Display of the total distance up to 999.99 and 99.99 for the partial distance (manually programmable in increasing or decreasing mode)

- Calibration in mileskm or miles

- Countdown

- Time freeze function

- Electronic data storage

- Backlit display

- 2 probe inputs

- Optional remote screen

- Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 50 mm

+ Purchase of the wheel probe which will be installed on a non-driving wheel - especially imperative no GPS sensor !!  (+/- 40 €)

Here are 4 sites specializing in rally car equipment:

-  (236 € + wheel probe)

- (238 € + wheel probe)

- (245 € + wheel probe)  

 - ( 256 € + wheel probe)


Then for the more seasoned, there are the more sophisticated devices combining Tripmaster and Averages calculator/ Timer marks: Crisartec, Chronopist, Brantz, Blunik, etc...

In this case we recommend the Crisartec RR420 special Regularity:




Regarding the stopwatch, we recommend choosing one that is easy to access, readable and if possible can be hooked to the dashboard, thus leaving the co-pilot's hands free to read his road-book, hold his pencils ... and thus avoid any handling error of the latter. The one that has proven itself is the BIG-DIGIT (see photo) it has two dials, one allowing time to pass from the start of your regularity zone and the other allowing you to reset to zero at each change box of the road-book.

You can find it between 34 € and 67 € in all the good auto accessories shops in the "Interior" accessories department in general: (34 €) (35 €) (39 €)  (67 €)



It is a calculation file allowing the simplification of the calculation of the averages and the time. Many co-pilots use tables of averages to quickly see if they are ahead or behind. These will help you calculate the time needed to travel a certain distance at a certain speed.

We have an excel file (KM only) at your disposal, where you just have to indicate the desired average and all the calculations are done automatically 

You can download our Average calculation tables HERE